The Winter Blues are setting in already…but there is stuff on Telly :-)

Aug 28

The Winter Blues are setting in already…but there is stuff on Telly :-)
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I always suffer a complete sense of gloom at this time of year in the UK, partially because I know I won’t be going back to Spain until the spring and partially because I know it is going to get darker and wetter here for the foreseeable months. It’s usually about now that I will start practicing learning Spanish again, I find it much harder to concentrate between Spring and Summer because I am always too excited about flying out again. So this week I have been back on DuoLingo and also catching up on the British TV shows about people moving to Spain (A Place in the Sun, A New Life in the Sun etc). These little things just make me feel closer to this part of the world that I adore.

Anyway…. Yesterday I was having a little break from moping and spotted a facebook post from Cuevas Helena which is about 15 minutes from my place, talking about a TV show that they were featured in.
Channel 5 – Our Dream Hotel. This is a great watch if you are interested in Cave Houses (or of course holidaying in one). Lovely to see such passion not to mention a fantastic finished cave. I am always grateful to see Mt Jabalcon too as it reminds me of another home 🙂

You can watch it on catchup at Channel 5 – Our Dream Hotel


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  1. Thank you very much from both of us for our mention in your blog & you must contact us next time you are over 🙂

    Shirley & Mark

    Cuevas Helena

  2. Karen /

    I watched this to feel close to my second home too!! Iccy, we should meet up for coffee to practise our Spanish sometime!

    • Jabalcon does it for me every time I get to Spain (I actually always come in via Alicante so I can watch it getting closer)…. My Spanish is rubbish 🙁

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