Moving (maybe a little too) Quickly

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In mid September 2012 we put in an offer on the Yellow Cave in Cortes de Baza which was rejected so we went a little higher and the offer was accepted

Oh My God…… what have we done?  excitement, anxiousness, fear, excitement and more fear were the main feelings that day.
We had a fair bit of the money ready to use but we also had a fair bit more tied up in tat, gold and silver that would need to be cashed in on, then it dawned on us that we would have no money for any of the work that needed doing so we set about borrowing some extra from family. We would need NIE Numbers, a Spanish Bank Account, a Solicitor and the owners were very keen to sell quickly as they had already moved out.

I spent a few days searching the net for info on the complications of getting NIE numbers and read some awful stories on EX-Pat forums about people waiting at Alicante Police Station all day just to be told their paperwork wasn’t correct then having to go back the following day for another long wait. I got in touch with Sean to express concerns and he just said “Don’t be silly, stop reading forums, I’ll sort that out for you and a Bank Account, just get the money in place”.  So it turned out I may as well have been self diagnosing an illness on google.

So we booked flights to arrive on the 11th November a Sunday when everywhere is closed (there is a theme here), we rented a Cave in Cortes called Cueva Peralta (link at the bottom it out if you fancy a Cave Holiday) from a guy whom I now consider a very good friend. We had arranged to meet with Sean on the Tuesday to arrange NIE numbers and sort out the bank account. This couldn’t have been simpler, Sean drove us to Baza armed with paperwork, we popped into the police station to drop it off, went and had a coffee and returned to find newly printed NIE Certificates waiting for us. We then headed to the bank in Galera and must have had to wait for all of 13 minutes to get that sorted out.
Finally we arranged to meet Sean and Mat KT the following day to sign contracts at Baza Town Hall….. Totally Painless (so Far).

Baza, Andalucia

Wednesday 14th November, The Big Day !
we all arrived at Baza Town Hall and we met the owners who seemed ok and then we handed around passports, signed things and dutifully listened to the notary (we also nodded a lot)….. Then it was done, we were handed the keys ! The one thing I didn’t pay too much attention to at the time was the now previous owner saying “we’ve had a bit of a tidy up because we have had the animals in the cave while we were waiting to collect them”……..
I was far too wrapped up in being the proud owner of a Spanish Cave.


Cueva Peralta (Self Catering 2 Bedroomed Cave House in Cortes de Baza)

Spanish Inland Properties (My Favoured Estate Agent)

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