July 2019 – The Roman Cemetery and La Calahorra

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It seems like ages since we last visited, so July couldn’t come quick enough. On arrival at the cave we had acquired some new residents, namely at least four European Tarantulas (shudder).

On this trip we had arranged to hook up with Danny who writes the One Foot in the Cave blog to go and do a little exploring, so midweek we met up and headed down to La Calahorra to have a look around the imposing castle that you see on the A-92 a few miles outside Guadix. We were all expecting a fairly straightforward walled courtyard with nothing much else to look at, how wrong we were. It is only open on Wednesdays 10:00am-1:00pm & 4:00pm-6:00pm and you aren’t allowed to take photos….. so please ignore the following album 😉

A couple of days later we had a barbecue which turned into a musical event featuring very good friends of ours from Cortes “Dos Hombres de Cortes” I’m pretty sure everyone had a great night and our Spanish neighbours even turned up. Being from UK I immediately thought they had arrived to complain about the noise but of course they hadn’t, they had turned up to join in because they had heard “La Musica”.

Finally, towards the end of the week I dropped the girls off for massages with Josie Daniels Holistic Health for massages (which they both loved, I hasten to add). Danny and I headed off to Benamaurel for a look around the Roman Cemetary, well I know I’m not the fittest of people but this knocked the wind out of me, quick dash up a duty hill then drop down a rope into a hole in the ground. All fine and dandy till it came to climbing back up a knotted rope…. fortunately I had the sense to hang on to the car keys and let Danny out first which meant he had to get me out if he wanted to get home 🙂

We spent lots of time with friends and even made some new ones on this trip, can’t wait to see them all again….

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