A long weekend in December (and we have heat)

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Due to the price of flights at this time of year we decided we’d grab a long weekend in Spain before battening down the hatches until spring. Prior to this trip early November was the latest I had visited the cave so  I wasn’t really sure what to expect especially as we were having such mild weather in the UK.

The weather was dry and warm enough for short sleeves during the day but rather chilly at night. The cave itself was a lot warmer than I was expecting  at around 18 degrees but we did see it as a novel opportunity to try out heating for the first time. Back in early 2013 we had brought over a large bundle of Brio (wooden railway) in case any of the Grandkids visited, unfortunately it got left under the verandah and then sprayed on by Tom cats for the following 5 years….. I tried washing it but gave up after deciding I’d never be able to guarantee it was going to be safe enough for kids to play with, touch and taste.  Hence we now had the most expensive kindling in Granada.

The burner took a little bit to get going as there was a draught coming down the chimney but once it was going it was great, loads of heat and stayed in for plenty of time even though I didn’t load it well enough to last the night.

Sydney the Laughing Kookaburra

Only being over for a couple of days meant we didn’t get much visiting done but we did manage to pop over to the open day at Cortijo Búho who have recently taken ownership of Sydney the Laughing Kookaburra who I found surprisingly interesting as it turns out he eats meat and not as you would expect eucalyptus leaves (which now makes me wonder what Koala’s eat) 🙂 They have also gained a pair of Meerkats called Allesi and Fleur plus Angéla the Polecat and Joséfa the ferret. I still can’t recommend Cortijo Búho highly enough, It’s great to see the birds and animals doing their thing and the food is a fantastic as ever.
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Coloured Pigeons

Back in Cortes we had a walk around the village and came across something I have never seen before but found rather interesting….. a couple of guys with a flock of brightly Coloured Pigeons? I imagine they were homing pigeons but they were all had coloured wings and undercarriages (blue/pink/yellow/green). If anyone has any more information on this unusual past time please let me know.

Hasta Luego…….

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