4 Kittens in the Wheelie Bin

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Our summer trip this year was destined to go wrong because I was left to organise it. I had arranged to meet a few people that I had met online, I’m not one for meeting random people off the internet unless of course you count my fiancee Rachel and I class that as her fault not mine, she should have been more cautious as to who she let in to her life 🙂 . We headed out from Southport at 3:00am for Manchester Airport, It’s not got a famous persons name as Liam Gallagher is still alive as I write unlike Federico Garcia Lorca in Granada……. alas I digress…..
We arrived at the cave at around 2:30pm, got set up beds, beer, wine etc and had a rest in the sunshine. When we decided it was time for some food we headed up to one of the bars, we had just left our hill and I heard wailing coming from one of the Wheelie Bins that are dotted about, I had a look inside and found 4 very small Kittens with their eyes still closed. Although I don’t like Cats, I couldn’t walk past and leave them to die in 40 odd degrees so we scooped them up and took them back to the cave. Fortunately we were able to contact a friend who was able to assist us (well the teenager) into the best course of action to follow…..
which was to get into Baza and grab some kitten formula, feed them every 3 hours and stimulate them into going to the toilet…. herewith follows the perfect way to distract a teenager away from the lack of 3G/WiFi etc. The long and short of this is that the Kittens are doing very well, Clia (the Teenager) is knackered and we have some fantastic friends in Cortes.
but also please stop being so awful to animals…..

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