Benidorm On Stage

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Ok this post is rather off-topic….. and it’s about Benidorm the TV Show or rather the Live Stage version. If you aren’t interested feel free to leave and come back in a month or so when I get a bit more cavey again 🙂
(You Have been warned !)

November 14th 2012 was the day I signed contracts on my Spanish Cave House so it stands to reason that exactly six years later I should be right up the front at Benidorm Live.

Benidorm Live

Benidorm seems to be one of those Marmite programmes people either Love or Hate and to be honest it isn’t the kind of thing I would normally enjoy, I listen to Punk Music and Reggae and my comedy taste is generally a lot more Sweary and a lot less Variety. I must confess I love Benidorm partly because it always gets me in the mood for herding myself back to Spain although I have no real intention of ever going to Benidorm itself as I prefer rural areas with less English people, No Offence. To be fair though I am always going to have a place in my heart for a British/Spanglish tv show that can get a joke in relating to Animal Farm.

Ok so we were both disappointed when the last series ended, we actually watched the last episodes in a bar in Granada on the iPad, I don’t care if you think I’m tragic some of you lot probably play golf, now look who’s tragic?. Anyway the live show was announced late 2017 and I picked up front row tickets for Rachel’s Christmas Present, pretty much forgot about it until about 6 weeks ago then realised I was on earlies (4:00am) for the whole week.

We train tripped over from Southport to Liverpool at about 6:00pm while I felt myself getting more and more tired. Town was busy and the Empire was pretty much packed out so I was pleased we had booked well in advance. We made our way to the front and found our seats and were greeted by this 🙂

I have to say that loved the Art Deco styled set and was quite happy to look at it for 15 minutes until the show began.

The show was absolutely stunning from start to finish, amazing production with super quick set changes that worked better than the adverts on tv, It felt like a whole series being played out in front you from Asa’s singing to Kenneth and Liam’s bickering being overseen by Jacqueline  to Sam and Joyce’s hotel management differences and of course Mateo’s excellent flirting, dancing & bar tending skills. The chemistry between the cast lot is a thrill to watch, particularly Liam and Kenneth ….

A good strong and very typical Benidorm storyline combined with singing and dancing at Neptunes made this rather an emotional show for both of us…… particularly because series 10 felt like the beginning of the end and this felt like the End of The End.

I highly recommend this show and would happily watch it again tomorrow and maybe on Wednesday too.   On a final up note I did get a warm feeling that Benidorm wasn’t quite a closed book just yet, call me astute/call me a nob but either way……I still don’t play golf.
Oh and I managed to be up for work at 4:00am revived and smiling.

“don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

Tickets and more info from the official website: Benidorm on Stage

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