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Benidorm Live

Benidorm On Stage

Benidorm Live

  Ok this post is rather off-topic….. and it’s about Benidorm the TV Show or rather the Live Stage version. If you aren’t interested feel free to leave and come back in a month or so when I get a bit more cavey again 🙂 (You Have been warned !) November 14th 2012 was the day I signed contracts on my Spanish Cave House so it stands to reason that exactly six years later I should be right up the

A visit to Cortijo Búho (The Bird of Prey Experience)

April 2018 and we visited Cortijo Búho’s Bird of Prey Experience. Not being seaside attractions kind of people: Kiss Me Quick Hats, Slot Machines and Benidorm Karaoke (you get the picture) we were very excited about this trip, particularly because it is only 20 minutes away from our cave. Cortijo Búho is just outside Benamaurel, a reasonably large and typically rural Spanish village in cave house territory with quite possibly more bars than people. They run what they call a