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This week I have mostly been flicking through this: Once Upon a Time in Almeria by Mark Parascandola

I stumbled across Mark’s Blog about a year ago while looking into the possibility of visiting “El Condor” (the remains of the purpose built filmset Fort used for the film of the same name). His blog had a post talking about his visit to the site then going on to explain that the land owner had turned up with a gun and loosely threatened to shoot him. Obviously I was rather put off by this idea as I never trained

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Pop’s Cave Story and a nice bit about The Correos (Post Office)

Post Office

I felt I needed to write some more but as I haven’t been over to Spain for a while I thought I’d be lazy….. I met this Guy on Facebook who lives in my village and he seems ok (which is a bonus). It turns out his cave is a couple of hundred yards down the Rambla from mine, he and his wife moved over from the UK a Year ago this very day…… this is their story 🙂 Pop